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.HOC lovely customers

Monday, November 7, 2011

.casual wear batch 3.-SOLD OUT

salam.hye!casual wear batch 3 da keluar!

CW35 lily tunic with beautiful color.material-double chiffon.RM160

CW36 zara wedges dress.material.soft cotton n wool.RM120

CW37 rainbow dress with cardi.material.spendex.RM145

CW38 stripey top jumpsuit.available BLACK color.RM140

CW39 zara wedges dress big stripe.material babycon.RM120

CW40 colourful flowery cute dress.RM85

CW41 polka cute dress.RM100

CW42 english cotton dress with cute cardi.RM140 (SOLD OUT-restock next month.)

CW43 cutey polkadot dress RM100

CW44 colorful cotton maxi with cardi RM140

CW45 jumpsuit in leopard print pants & black top.material-comfy stretched cotton.RM130
CW46 zara top (preorder) RM120

so happy shopping!!

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