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.HOC lovely customers

Monday, October 24, 2011

.casual wear.-SOLD OUT!

casual wear yang kami terbangkan terus dari INDONESIA.
yang penting FREE POSTAGE.
kualiti terbaik.sangat dijamin!

 CW01 stripes long dress-RM 100

CW02 stripes dress with belt-RM85

CW03 chiffon cardi -RM90

CW04 chiffon cardi-RM90

CW05  ZARA dress and belt-RM125

CW06 chiffon top-RM85

CW07 mango knitted top with shawl-RM95

 CW08 embroidered cotton dress-RM130

 CW09 long dress with printed floral-RM125

 CW10 long dress with stripe vest and belt.only RM140

 CW11 baby doll long dress( high quality stretched cotton.) RM110 

 CW12 long dress RM115

 CW13 printed loose top RM80

 CW14 long dress with beautiful color RM110

 CW15 leopard printed cardi + dress + belt only RM140

 CW16 beautiful long dress with printed floral.(grab this dress ladies!) RM130

CW17 cute printed colorful dress RM85

CW18 long dress with cute stripe cardi RM140

 CW19 stripe short dress with belt RM85

 CW20 cute top with shawl RM85

 CW21cute printed dress RM85

CW22 batik printed dress RM85

 CW23 balloon sleeveless top with shawl RM85

CW24 cotton silk dress with beautiful color RM100

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